American Teens: Collateral Damage of the Culture Wars

Newsflash: neither abstinence-only nor comprehensive sex ed has proven effective in school-based settings, which is where 75% of teens receive their education.

Yes, you heard us right. When you move either approach out of the lab and into the classroom – neither has sustained positive effects over time.

So why are we still talking about it?

The answer is simple: Sex Ed is the next frontier of the culture wars. Politicians on both sides use it as a wedge issue to keep their bases agitated (to raise money to advance their agendas) – at the expense of your children.





The argument is set up as a struggle between “government” and the “the family,” (sound familiar?) with both institutions vying for control over what kids learn about sex – and who rightfully deserves the responsibility of teaching it to them.

The punch line is that 80% of Americans support programs that promote abstinence AND include facts about how to prevent pregnancy and STIs.

The other 20% just yells more loudly.  Don’t listen. Hold politicians accountable, and stand up for your kids. They need and deserve better.

For more information on the ins and outs of exactly how Sex Ed is broken, see our post: Systemic Change Required – Fix Me Please, I’m Broken.

Abstinence-only versus comprehensive Sex Ed is a farce. Tell all your friends.