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An Inconvenient Truth

You have no doubt heard the unending debate between conservatives and liberals about whether abstinence-only or comprehensive sex ed should be the law of the land. But here’s what they won’t tell you:

Neither abstinence-only nor comprehensive sex ed has proven effective in school-based settings, which is where 75% of teens receive their education.

That’s right. When you move either of these approaches out of the lab and into the classroom, both fail to produce meaningful outcomes for your kids.

So why are we still talking about it? We explain in our blog post American Teens: Collateral Damage of The Culture Wars.

The Punch Line: Don’t buy the rhetoric. It’s a farce. The stakes are far too high, and your kids are the ones who stand to lose the most.

Impact on Teens

Teens who have completed the program report that:

  • Our educators effectively create a safe space where they feel comfortable asking “real questions.”
  • They felt comfortable talking with their parents about issues related to sex and sexuality.
  • They felt comfortable talking with prospective partners about their previous sexual history.
  • They wouldn’t have sex unless their partner had been tested for STIs.
  • They wouldn’t consider having sex unless they were prepared with two reliable forms of birth control.
  • That all women are worthy of respect.
  • That the content is relevant to their experience and better prepares them to face the realities of teenage life.
  • Teens consistently rate their satisfaction with Talk’s programming an order of magnitude higher than the Sex Ed they had received previously.

Impact on Parents

Parents who have completed the program:

  • Consistently say that Talk helped to alleviate the anxiety they feel about speaking with their children about sex and sexuality.
  • View educating their children about sex and sexuality as their primary responsibility.
  • Report success in capitalizing on teachable moments to instill their beliefs and values.
  • Report more frequent productive communication about sexuality-related topics with their children


How Talk is Different

We like data and understand evaluation.

The last thing the world needs is another well-intentioned “program” that fails to meet the needs of its audience. We are results driven and put a premium on understanding our impact. Pre and post program surveys help us anticipate needs, target content, and measure outcomes to gage our effectiveness.We’ve partnered with
the RAND Corporation and Carnegie Mellon University, two world-class research institutions, to fine-tune our evaluation methodology and further study the impact of our model.

Talk prepares teens and parents to effectively navigate an increasingly complex sexual world.

Innovation on 4 Dimensions

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